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Illegal and Offensive Conduct.

The user agrees to conform to generally accepted internet etiquette (netiquette) which shall include but not be limited to the following guidelines:

  1. Not to engage in any abuse of email or spamming including the posting or cross posting of unsolicited articles with the same message (or substantially the same message) to an unacceptably high number of email and news group recipients where such messages are not specifically solicited.
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  6. Not to gather email addresses and/or names for commercial, political, charity or like purposes.
  7. Not to violate the privacy of any person, which shall include but not limited to, hacking. “in the event that the user should engage in any one or more of the above practices, which shall be determined in the provider’s reasonable discretion then the provider shall be entitled to terminate, without notice, the users access to the network.”

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