Moving freight by rail is more fuel sufficient than moving it on road. In our organization we move a broad portfolio of products within South Africa and across the border by rail, in a way that minimizes the effect on the environment, takes traffic off, and minimizes fuel consumption and transportation costs. Our customers are offered a complete end to end Supply Chain Management solution when using our rail freight service whether in full trains or just a single wagon.

Madibana SA(Pty)Ltd has a comprehensive range of innovative rail services to meet all our customers’ requirements; we offer a wide range of rail freight services, supported by innovative logistics solutions.

Madibana SA(Pty)Ltd understands that its customers need more than just rail haulage, clients also need Door to Door deliveries, Warehousing, Terminal Management and Supply Chain solutions, and that is where our professional and experienced logistics team can deliver. We also provide value added logistics solutions and innovation that makes a real difference to your supply chain.